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Fitnes Involves Training and Exercise

Fitnes training is essential to maintaining good health. Obesity is a common problem throughout the United States as a large part of our population of both adults and children is overweight. With this excess weight comes other health problems, such as cancer, heart disease, heart attacks, breathing problems, etc. Fitnes training is not about preparing to run a marathon or building enough muscle mass to win a body-building competition. Instead, it is about healthy living and activities that strengthen the body's muscles and organs and help the body operate more efficiently and effectively. The best fitness training, then, is when all parts of the body are worked and strengthened.

Fitnes Training Components

Fitnes training does not need to be exceptionally hard or complicated. Sure, there are those people who know everything there is to know--or think they do--about a million types of exercise and how they all affect the individual parts of the body, but you do not have to be an exercise expert in order to reap the benefits of it. In fact, fitnes training probably takes less time than you think. Simply engaging in some kind of cardio activity, like running, biking, walking, swimming, etc., for about twenty to thirty minutes a day, four days a week is enough for you to start gradual changes in the way your body looks, feels, and operates.

Although cardio exercise is a big part of fitnes training, it is important not to forget other aspects, as well. Muscle strengthening exercises are essential to keeping your muscles and joints in good health and in helping your bones stay strong. Muscle strengthening exercise does not mean that you need to spend an hour and a half every day lifting weights. Fifteen to twenty minutes three days a week is enough to cause substantial improvements in your muscle strength. Although combining cardio exercise with muscle strengthening takes a little more time than doing only one or the other, each one makes the other one easier, so your workout is improved.

Another part of fitnes training is the often forgotten stretching. Stretching is key to maintaining loose muscles, joints, and ligaments. Additionally, stretching also improves your mental concentration and state of mind because you focus on breathing--which carries more oxygen to your brain--and relaxation. It is a great way to start and finish any workout. Proper stretching results in more effective workouts, helps prevent injuries, and facilitates quicker recovery after intense workouts.

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