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Excercise Equipment Bargains: Hoola Hoop

If you have never seriously considered the phrase "excercise hoola hoop," you could be missing out on a valuable and effective addition to your excercise regimen. Despite the proven benefits of simply walking or running, many people are not content with excercise that does not require any equipment. It just seems too simple to be effective--or maybe too boring for them to persevere--if nothing else is involved but the person's body and a pair of shoes.

However, as anyone who has ever invested in a piece of workout equipment knows, generally this equipment is not cheap. All hope is not lost, though, even for those who need the help of equipment to maintain their motivation or bolster their success. There are many exercise equipment options that are very cheap yet also amazingly effective--and many of them can be quite fun to use, as well. If you are interested in any of these options, you might first want to consider the excercise hoola hoop.

Fun Begins with an Excercise Hoola Hoop

The first thing that you should know about an excercise hoola hoop is that it is no different from the hoola hoops you likely played with as a child. The only possible difference is that those hoola hoops made by excercise equipment companies are possibly weighted to help create a better workout and give improved fitness results. It is completely up to each individual person, though, whether or not to spend the additional money to buy a "special" excercise hoola hoop or merely use the ones that can be bought at a dollar store.

Once you have acquired your excercise hoola hoop, you are now ready for the fun to begin. There are essentially two primary ways that hoola hoops can work as a fitness tool: aerobic excercise and abdominal excercise. Even though it may be hard to believe--mostly because you probably have not hoola-hooped since you were a kid--playing (or excercising) with a hoola hoop actually requires a great deal of energy. It is relatively hard to keep the hoola hoop in position and requires the person to remain in continuous motion.

The side to side and front to back circular motion that is required to keep the hoola hoop in position is a unique way to work and strengthen your abdominal muscles. One of the greatest benefits of this form of abdominal excercise is that you will most likely not even notice that you are doing an ab excercise. Sure, you will feel the burn and fatigue in your core area, but it will be much different from the pain your perceive while doing endless situps or crunches. You will probably be surprised at how soon you will begin to see results if you can commit to hoola-hooping for 15-30 minutes every day.

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