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There are many reasons why someone would want to become an exercise guru. Everyone knows the benefits of exercise--the benefits of physical activity have long been proclaimed and exercise is widely recognized as the best way to lose weight, improve overall fitness, prevent disease, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. However, exercise is not always as easy as people make it out to be because there are so many conflicting opinions and contradictory advice about what is best, what is recommended by the experts and what will give people optimal results. The beginning exerciser can easily be overwhelmed by this abundance of information, but the only real solution is for each person to become his or her own exercise guru, full of the knowledge needed to make the best decisions in relation to his or her personal situation and circumstances.

Steps to Becoming an Exercise Guru

It is not nearly as hard to become an exercise guru as many people think. Sure, it may be next to impossible to learn all there is to know about every type of physical activity, but that is not a requirement of becoming a guru. To be your own exercise guru, all you really need is a thorough knowledge of the exercise-related facts that pertain to your needs, goals, and personal condition. And this knowledge is easy to acquire...

The first step to becoming an exercise guru is to begin reading everything you can find about the activities and exercise concepts that most interest you. But don't worry--this does not have to mean that you will spend endless hours immersed in dry, boring reading material. Some of the best sources, especially for the average exerciser, are athletic magazines that cover a wide variety of exercise topics, advice, and other information in a way that is easy to understand and interesting to read.

Another great way to make progress in becoming an exercise guru is to talk with people who have reliable knowledge about exercise and its different forms. This can mean friends who have years of experience exercising or competing in sports; people with degrees in athletic training, coaching or related areas; or trainers that work at your local gym. Talking with these people about subjects that interest you or going to them with your questions can rapidly increase your exercise knowledge and begin the process of making yourself an expert, or at least a guru. Who knows? You might soon be the person your friends start coming to with their exercise-related questions...

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